Livolo compatible RFXcom

Our switches, wireless, Livolo 433.92 MHz are compatible with the modude home automation RFXcom USB. The RFXCOM then plugs into USB on your PC, The RFXCOM receiver can receive the RF 433.92 MHz and from a compatible software, you can control the Livolo switches and all of your home automation system.

Démontrations products Livolo

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Wiring diagrams switch, Livolo Touch

Switch touch 1 button / 1-way


Switch touch Comes and Goes 1 button / 2-way



Switch touch 2 buttons / 1 way



Switch touch Comes and Goes 2-button / 2-way



3 Switches Comes and Goes 2-button / 2-way


The connection diagrams for the adapter LED lighting less than 15W

Adaptateur LED moins de 15W

Energy supply trip-switch 2-wire pulse switch (single push button)

Energy supply trip-switch 3-wire switch to pulse.

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